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Focus Light 24 Inch Stainless Steel 12V Low Voltage

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  Focus Lights 24" is constructed of all stainless steel. It has a 24" flexible neck that is wrapped in a high grade plastic for protection. The 20 watt bulb is more than sufficient light when your bbqing at night. This Focus light is ideal for mounting onto Granite counter tops or for Do It Yourselvers because there is only one hold to drill and 2 wires to connect.

Focus is proud to be one of the few dedicated manufacturers of landscape lighting products in the industry. They offer the largest, most extensive product line -- multiple finishes, materials, voltages, light sources and accessories. Just about any exterior application can be completed by Focus. With its product line intact, Focus continues to offer top notch training, in both English and Spanish, to contractors, specifiers and distributor personnel.

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