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Fire Magic Built-In Searing Station Side burner

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Fire Magic Searing Station is a professional restaurant grade quality searing station that is fully outdoor rated for your outdoor island. It allows you to flash cook steaks or just about any meat at 1200 degrees, locking in all of the taste and juices. With the adjustable temperature you can use it for any type of side burner duty.  But with the extra advantage of anything that you would normally rapidly heat on high takes just a fraction of the time, such as boiling a stock pot.

Clean design and professional quality come together in this Fire Magic Searing Station. With 24,400 BTUs of maximum infrared heat output in a side cooker, you can prepare restaurant-quality steaks right in your backyard. When steaks are flash-cooked at 1200 degrees, juices are locked in and meats are tender and full of flavor. The Fire Magic Searing Station and Side Burner comes with a Natural Gas to Propane Conversion fitting kit and includes a stainless steel lid. It also features an all stainless steel frame with push-button electronic ignition in the control knob.

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