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Fire Magic Echelon Electric Warming Drawer

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Fire Magic Echelon 30 inch Electric warming drawer can heat from a range of 140 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and allows you to heat either moist or dry heat. Keep food at a perfect serving temperature while away from bugs and dust at the same time.  Warm plates so food stays warmer longer after you serve it.  Serving coffee with dessert?  Every coffee connoisseur knows that coffee should be served in a warm glass or glass mug.  You can use it to heat bread, buns or tortillas making them more malleable and flavorful.   You can also use a warming drawer if you accidentally cook something out of order and it finishes before the rest of your meal.  Once you have a warming drawer and figure out all the things you can do with them you will wonder how you ever survived without one.

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