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Cookshack Smokette Original SM009-2 Smoker

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The Cookshack Smokette SM009-2 Smoker is our entry level smoker, the original home smoker that started it all! Smoking delicious food is as easy as loading the Smokette with wood and meat and setting the cooking temperature just as you do on your kitchen oven. It is easy to clean and maintain and gives great results every time. It features stainless steel double walled construction surrounding 850 degree Fahrenheit Spin-Glass insulation, keeping it cool to the touch on the outside. It is energy efficient and easy to move on its four lockable casters. It flavors food with small wood chunks smoldering over an electric heating element. You can use this smoker year round outside in your garage, driveway, or patio to smoke or cold smoke a variety of foods. It is easy to clean because the grills and racks go into the dishwasher.

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