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Alfresco 14 Inch Built in Sear Zone Unit
Alfresco 14 Inch Built in Sear Zone Unit

Alfresco 14 Inch Built in Sear Zone Unit

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Price: $1,549.00
Part Number: AXESZ-2

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The sear zone's special ceramic burner preheats to over 1,400 degrees in about 4 minutes and flash - caramelizes food, locking in juices and flavor, while the unique U-grate catches food drippings, instantly vaporizing them to create flavor-enhancing smoke. The intense, highly directional heat quickly creates beautiful grill marks and is capable of completely cooking almost any food from vegetables to steaks. Or, sear the item for 2-3 minutes per side, then transfer to the standard burner of your Alfresco grill to finish. This sear zone side burner has a 9V electronic ignition, rapid preheat for easy searing or complete cooking, all commercial stainless steel for lasting durability, heli-arc welded seams and a matching stainless steel cover. Stamped with the Alfresco logo, you can be assured you are receiving high quality outdoor kitchen equipment.

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