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Fish and Fire Cooking Class - (1) $65, (2) $110

Fish and Fire Cooking Class - (1) $65, (2) $110

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A lot of people are afraid to grill or smoke fish. They think fish is difficult to prepare and even more difficult to cook.

In this 4-hour class we will teach the participants how to best cook different types of fish. We will discuss the most effective way to clean and prepare fish. We will also teach the attendees how to recognize if a fish has gone bad and how to select the freshest fish. We will give recommendations on delicious seasonings and rubs.

In addition, the participants will learn how to prepare and cook fish using 6 different but simple methods. They will also learn how to prepare side-dishes that works well with seafood. All recipes are described in detail in the recipe handout included in the class.

Tickets will not be shipped, your name will be added to the list after purchase, so all you need to do is show up on March 3rd at 11 am at our Scottsdale BBQ Island location. 

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