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DCS 30 Inch Built In Grill Vinyl Cover
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DCS 30 Inch Built In Grill Vinyl Cover

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Price: $129.00
Part Number: ACBI-30
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Model #
Protect your DCS Professional 30" Grill with this heavy duty cover all year long. DCS offer grill covers for all sizes and models of built-in and freestanding grills. To offer maximum protection from the elements, they are heavy-duty, black lined vinyl with a Velcro opening in the front.

DCS 30 Inch Built In Grill Vinyl Cover BGB30VCBI: This DCS Gas Grill Cover offers maximum protection from the elements and is constructed of heavy duty, felt-lined vinyl. This DCS Grill Cover fits DCS 30 Inch Gas Grill Built in with MO# BGB, BGC, BH1.

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