Posted by Dr. Grillenstien on 10/12/2011 to Product Reviews
We received this awesome BBQ tool a few weeks ago, but it has been to hot for me to take it out for a test run. The weather has been a bit forgiving lately and is in the low 70's in the morning. I took advantage of this and smoked some sharp cheddar cheese with the A-Maze-N-Pellet-Smoker.

Posted by Administrator on 10/7/2011 to Competition Corner
The last day of the Royal was very exciting. The team worked together really well.

The Team
Posted by Administrator on 10/6/2011 to Competition Corner
Squeal of approval had a great looking smoker.

Squeal of approval smoker
Posted by Administrator on 10/5/2011 to Competition Corner
On the way to the event Christopher asked his Dad can we stop by the store and get some snacks for the day. Chris responded, "Well we have sausages." Yep. We were going to eat nothing but sausages all day. I am still a bit uncomfortable with KC small hoodie fashion trend.

Getting ready to get the sausages on the smoker

Posted by Administrator on 10/4/2011 to Events
Chris and Shelton were both super stoked about competing in the 2011 American Royal.

Chris Marks and Shelton getting stoked about the event
Posted by Administrator on 10/3/2011 to Competition Corner
Welcome to the Super Bowl of BBQ! When Chris was out here doing his last class he invited us to come help cook on his team. It was an opportunity we could not pass up. Not only were we going to the Royal but we were going to be cooking with the nine time winner Chris Marks!

Welcome to the American Royal

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