Posted by BBQ Island on 10/19/2016
When you don’t have tickets for the game, bring the party home with Traeger grills instead! The best part about tailgating isn't actually huddling around the bumper of your car or truck. It's spending time with family and friends and enjoying the camaraderie of ultimate fandom. When you cook at home on your Traeger grill, you can do so much more with your meat than you could on that little portable grill you've been hanging onto since college.
Posted by BBQ Island on 10/12/2016

At BBQ Island, we’re known for our custom BBQ grill spaces. We love to take our customer's dreams and turn them into the ultimate backyard oasis. There's nothing better than seeing a plain patio get the royal treatment and become a major feature of the home with a custom BBQ grill space complemented by comfortable furniture and a designer flair.

Posted by BBQ Island on 10/5/2016 to Recipes
Memphis Pellet Grills makes some of the best BBQ grills out there, and we've got them on sale this fall. BBQ Island is proud to be a 2015-2016 Top Performer for Memphis Grills, an award given to only 5 stores annually. Between now and October 31, you'll get a free starter kit with the purchase of any of Memphis Grills' great products.
Posted by BBQ Island on 9/26/2016

BBQ Island, we know that buying a grill from us isn't the end of our relationship — it's only just the beginning. After all, you're going to need plenty of BBQ supplies to keep your grill clean and your meat tasty as you explore the wonderful world of grilling.

Posted by BBQ Island on 9/16/2016

At BBQ Island, we're more than just a barbecue grill store. We're also educators — teachers of the fine grilling arts. A big part of grilling is cooking the meat over an open flame, of course, but there's more to mouth-watering barbecue than just the heat. You also need to know how to season your meat properly.

Posted by BBQ Island on 9/9/2016

It goes without saying that here at BBQ Island, we love everything about BBQ grills. We love to sell grills, we love to cook on grills, and we even love to shop for grills! As the go-to store for all of your BBQ needs, it is our mission to make sure that we are stocked with the very best. From the beginning griller's first hibachi to the most advanced chef's exacting requirements, we carry it all. In the elite category of high-end grills, we are proud to offer our customers the best from Twin Eagles grills.

Posted by BBQ Island on 9/2/2016 to Recipes

The best way to celebrate Labor Day? An old-fashioned picnic to celebrate your 3-day break from the working world. At BBQ Island, we love the idea of feeding friends and family with a big spread. Plus, potlucks are a great way for friends and family to bring their favorite dishes to share!

Posted by BBQ Island on 8/24/2016

If you learn one thing at a barbecue store, it's that everyone has a favorite grilling style. Whether you like to smoke ribs and other tender, slow-cooked delights or just want to sear a steak, there's a grill for that here at BBQ Island. Or if you're a budding gourmet who loves wood-fired, vegetarian pizzas, we've got a grill for that, too.

Posted by BBQ Island on 8/17/2016 to Recipes

Here in the Southwest, tacos are everywhere — it's a staple item, and there are lots of ways to make this traditional Mexican street food your own. Instead of sticking to the same old taco filling every time, why not branch out?

Posted by BBQ Island on 8/1/2016 to Recipes

At BBQ Island we believe in the value of the classics. Cooking outdoors is one of the finest ways we know to spend time with family and friends, enjoying the most basic good things in life. Our grills for cooking great food are designed to make feeding a crowd easy and enjoyable, and there's nothing quite like showing off your skills at an outdoor barbecue. Not all the dishes you make need to be a tour de force of new techniques and fancy flavors, though. Sometimes, the simplest dish is the very best, especially since using Lynx grills for cooking add a flavor that can't be found anywhere else The most classic dish of all for your grill? A simple, delicious rotisserie chicken. 

Posted by BBQ Island on 7/25/2016 to Recipes

At BBQ Island, we're on a mission to tell everyone we meet that you can use your grill for so much more than just hot dogs and hamburgers — and more than just meat, too. With a little imagination and the right tools, custom BBQ appetizers are also within reach, and some will even please your picky vegetarian friends. To feed your friends and show off your new grill toys at the same time, give these apps a try the next time you host an outdoor gathering. 

Posted by BBQ Island on 7/18/2016 to Recipes

At BBQ Island, we don't just build a custom BBQ for our customers — we test drive tons of recipes to share so you can get the most out of your shiny new grill or smoker. We're also proud of our Arizona roots and our Southwestern heritage, and there's no better way to celebrate it than with some down-home recipes that feature one of our favorite native ingredients: green chiles!

Posted by BBQ Island on 7/8/2016 to Recipes
bbq smokers make great tri tip steaksBBQ smokers shouldn't be packed away for special occasions. Here at BBQ Island, we love that smoky flavor on everyday foods, too. Here’s a look at the ingredients for a delicious sandwich that's perfect for a weekend lunch with the family. Follow us to join in on the food journey from prep to plating as we take you through our favorite #BBQislandRecipes, starting with this incredible BBQ treat.

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