Posted by BBQ Island on 4/17/2017

There are lots of reasons to follow a gluten-free diet, and more people are doing so than ever before. Whether you're someone who suffers from Celiac disease or you suspect you have a gluten sensitivity, cutting back on gluten or eliminating it from your diet entirely  isn't that unusual. You've probably discovered a whole host of products designed just for you in the grocery store and on restaurant menus, so sticking to your guns is easier than ever.

Posted by BBQ Island on 4/7/2017
At BBQ Island, we like to teach our customers all we can about the ins and outs of good grilling and scrumptious smoking. There's a lot to learn, which is why we offer master classes and are happy to spend as long as you want with our floor models to show you every last feature. 
Posted by BBQ Island on 3/27/2017
When you want to take your grilling game to the next level, who better to learn from than the very best? That's why we at BBQ Island like to highlight BBQ competition teams.
Posted by BBQ Island on 3/17/2017
With the arrival of spring, Arizona grilling season is in full force. As you're using your grill more and more often, it's crucial to keep it clean. Why? When you leave residue from your last meal on the grates, it will char and burn the next time you light your grill — and those burned bits are actually bad for your health.
Posted by BBQ Island on 3/10/2017
We love to spotlight what our customers have done with BBQ Island grills and supplies in their outdoor kitchens. This time, we've got one to share that's perfect for entertaining kids and families. This outdoor kitchen was built by Desert Designer and features a fun zig-zag counter that matches the patio and provides a clear view of the pool. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a Delta Heat 26-inch gas grill, but these smart homeowners also added a Big Green Egg for versatility and to prepare food for a crowd! The kitchen is also finished with our own BBQ Island 24-inch x 17-inch horizontal access door for a sleek stainless steel look throughout the island.
Posted by BBQ Island on 3/3/2017
One of the great joys of grilling is being able to cook for a big crowd. But it can be a challenge to find recipes and techniques that are easy and delicious enough to work for a big group.
Posted by BBQ Island on 2/24/2017 to Recipes
With the spring grilling season heating up, there's no limit to the number of meals you can prepare and eat outdoors — if you're set up for it.
Posted by BBQ Island on 2/20/2017
BBQ grilling is part of the culture here in Arizona. But this time of year, it’s an especially nice time to be out and cooking up some of your favorite eats. With the warmer weather, you can even dine al fresco with your family and friends at your side while you grill.
Posted by BBQ Island on 2/15/2017
One of the joys of grilling is tossing some meat over an open flame and letting it sputter and spatter until it's cooked perfectly. That's direct heat grilling, and it probably makes up the bulk of what you do with your grill, especially if you're a dedicated carnivore.
Posted by BBQ Island on 2/8/2017

One of the most important parts of grilling is knowing when to say when. You want your meats to be cooked to perfection, of course, but looks can be deceiving. Those drumsticks might seem perfect on the outside, but if they're even a little bit raw on the inside, you could be in for some unhealthy trouble.

Posted by BBQ Island on 1/25/2017
To help your pellet smoker live a long and productive lifetime providing delicious, meaty meals, you have to make sure to keep it clean. Good maintenance is important for any type of grill, but pellet grills require slightly different care than the average kettle grill that you drag along to tailgates.
Posted by BBQ Island on 1/20/2017 to Recipes
There's no better way to enjoy the Big Game than by grilling up some outstanding appetizers for your friends and hosting a party for the big game. We've got some favorite recipes for you to try, all courtesy of BBQ Island's own Josh Dae. Fire up the grill and make a play for these tasty treats!
Posted by BBQ Island on 1/13/2017 to Recipes

It's NFL playoff time! Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or just love the competition, there's no better way to spend a winter weekend than gathering friends for a game day get-together filled with cold drinks and delicious snacks. Since everything is better with bacon, BBQ Island's own Josh Dae is sharing three amazing recipes for grilled appetizers that are sure to please. 

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