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Meat and sauce are two of the most crucial ingredients for a BBQer. Master these, and you can mix-and-match almost anything cooked over coals. Nearly anyone – from novice grillers to seasoned pit masters – can follow a recipe and make mouthwatering barbecue with the help of an amazing built-in grill. The real talent lies in being able to select a sauce that makes the most of the meat you’ve prepared.
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The tool belt is a hallmark of manliness. Visit any construction site and you’ll see workers strapped to the hilt, their tool belts containing hammers, screws, drills and anything else needed to complete a project. Cops wear them. Masons wear them. At BBQ Island, our grillers often wear the tools of their trade in an apron or belt, too.

Posted by BBQ Island on 7/28/2017
Salt and smoke curing has been around for eons and still makes for some of the best meat and fish. Here at BBQ Island, you will be able to achieve some of the tastiest meats for your family on any one of our electric, gas, pellet or charcoal smokers. You can salt, smoke or process meat and fish using both methods at the same time. 
Posted by BBQ Island on 7/21/2017
To really up your grill game, adding beer to your next marinade will make a big impact. Your meat will come out tender and flavorful, and the added element only adds a few calories per serving.
Posted by BBQ Island on 7/12/2017
While it’s true that anyone can grill – given the proper tools and techniques – there’s an art to crafting the perfect flame-kissed burger or moist BBQ chicken drumstick. Whether you’re attracted to charcoal or you’re a die-hard gas man like King of the Hill’s propane guru Hank Hill, there are key elements to ensuring your food is barbecued like a pro.
Posted by BBQ Island on 7/3/2017
Summertime is barbecue time. There’s just something visceral about preparing meat on a hot grill and bringing the plate inside to the cheers of friends and relatives. Even in Phoenix – where the scorching summer sun drives locals indoors June through September – many hosts opt to let their outdoor BBQ grills do the heavy lifting when it comes to the main dish. Here at BBQ Island, the grilling never stops. We host barbecues year-round and always have some new recipe steaming up our smoker.
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Independence Day is prime time for grilling. Come July 4th weekend, millions of Americans will be outside whipping up juicy steaks, hot dogs and burgers on their barbecues. Checkered tablecloths will be at the ready, potato salad in the works and hungry friends or family members salivating at the smells of a good old-fashioned holiday cookout.
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It’s summertime, so that means we’re thinking about keeping cool in the heat. You can’t go wrong when there’s a big, heaping spoon of vanilla ice cream in the mix—especially when it’s melting over a bowl of delicious peach cobbler.
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If you’re a classic car fanatic, you probably know exactly how to safely drive and maintain your ride. You understand what oil she likes, how to tune her up. Maybe even what parts to replace or upgrade (seat belts and master cylinders come to mind). Here at BBQ Island, we take our grills just as seriously.
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Memorial Day is a revered American holiday that honors the men and women of the U.S. Armed Services who gave their lives for our country. At BBQ Island, we stand with our nation in recognizing these heroes, and we salute all current military members, veterans, and their families who have sacrificed so much for us.
Posted by BBQ Island on 5/17/2017
Grilling is a safe and delicious way to prepare food. But it’s important to know the ins and outs of safe cooking. Our BBQ Island staff has explored the following ways that you can prepare healthy and flavorful grilled foods. 
Posted by BBQ Island on 5/12/2017
If you’ve been following the latest news in grilling, you might have heard about the Sears & Roebuck class action settlement involving a specific series of Kenmore Gas Grills. According to the suit, these grills had defective firebox trays that seemed to fail and rust prematurely.

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