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Design for 14' x 8' BBQ Island
If you are considering an outdoor kitchen this size or larger, you must entertain friends more than 95% of the population. We are jealous. Going this big will allow you to incorporate virtually any outdoor kitchen components you desire. Surely your friends will rave for weeks about anything that happens in your backyard utopia. Please send us some pictures of the finished kitchen, so we can live vicariously though you.

BBQ Island - 14 ft x 8 ft
BBQ Island - 14 ft x 8 ft

BBQ Island Design - 14 ft x 8 ft - Front View

  1. Grills: 24", 26", 30", 32", 36", 42", 48", 56"
  2. Side Burners: single or double
  3. Access Doors: single, double or drawer / door combo unit
  4. Storage drawers: single, double, triple or drawer / door combo unit
  5. Trash center or trash center with prep & waste chute.
  6. Sink with faucet
  7. Outdoor refrigerator or Keggerator: 24", 28"
  8. Cocktail / Beverage Center: 14", 24", 26", 30"
  9. Electric Warming Drawers: 30", 36"

Some people choose to construct their BBQ Islands out of cinder blocks and others use steel studs. Both have their merits. If your island has curves in it, then cinder block is the way to go. If you are trying to maximize internal storage space, steel studs are the best choice. The main thing to remember is that the spacing of your components is critical to your BBQ island's usefulness. As long as you are purchasing medium to high end cooking components, the spacing of the equipment is probably more important than the actual components. If you can't set a plate down next to your grill, you will be unhappy with the finished product.

Steel Stud Island construction:
  • .20g or .25 gauge studs
  • 1/2"-3 x 5 or 1/2"- 4 x 8 sheets of Hardie backer board or Wonderboard
  • Fiberglass mess tape
  • High grade synthetic thinset
  • 1-1/2" Bugle Head self tapping screws
  • Sythetic stucco (dryvit or snergy)
  • Tile of choice
  • Grout of choice
Tools Needed:
  • Tape measure
  • Fine tip marker to mark the steel studs
  • Angle grinder with 3 wheels - cutoff, diamond blade and a metal grinding wheel
  • Right angle square
  • Drill with #2/bit
  • Tile saw
  • Thinset trowel
  • Grout Applicator
  • Sponge
  • Grout Sealer
  • Liquid Nails

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