Posted by BBQ Island on 8/7/2017

The tool belt is a hallmark of manliness. Visit any construction site and you’ll see workers strapped to the hilt, their tool belts containing hammers, screws, drills and anything else needed to complete a project. Cops wear them. Masons wear them. At BBQ Island, our grillers often wear the tools of their trade in an apron or belt, too.

Posted by BBQ Island on 4/17/2017

There are lots of reasons to follow a gluten-free diet, and more people are doing so than ever before. Whether you're someone who suffers from Celiac disease or you suspect you have a gluten sensitivity, cutting back on gluten or eliminating it from your diet entirely  isn't that unusual. You've probably discovered a whole host of products designed just for you in the grocery store and on restaurant menus, so sticking to your guns is easier than ever.

Posted by BBQ Island on 2/20/2017
BBQ grilling is part of the culture here in Arizona. But this time of year, it’s an especially nice time to be out and cooking up some of your favorite eats. With the warmer weather, you can even dine al fresco with your family and friends at your side while you grill.
Posted by BBQ Island on 2/15/2017
One of the joys of grilling is tossing some meat over an open flame and letting it sputter and spatter until it's cooked perfectly. That's direct heat grilling, and it probably makes up the bulk of what you do with your grill, especially if you're a dedicated carnivore.
Posted by BBQ Island on 2/8/2017

One of the most important parts of grilling is knowing when to say when. You want your meats to be cooked to perfection, of course, but looks can be deceiving. Those drumsticks might seem perfect on the outside, but if they're even a little bit raw on the inside, you could be in for some unhealthy trouble.

Posted by BBQ Island on 12/28/2016

If you were a very good boy or girl this year and got that Green Mountain Grill pellet smoker you were hoping for, you’ll want to stock up on BBQ smoker supplies from BBQ Island! Check out our excellent smoker accessories to keep your smoker functioning at peak efficiency. From state of the art apps to thermal blankets, we've got you (and your grill) completely covered.

Posted by BBQ Island on 10/12/2016

At BBQ Island, we’re known for our custom BBQ grill spaces. We love to take our customer's dreams and turn them into the ultimate backyard oasis. There's nothing better than seeing a plain patio get the royal treatment and become a major feature of the home with a custom BBQ grill space complemented by comfortable furniture and a designer flair.

Posted by BBQ Island on 9/26/2016

BBQ Island, we know that buying a grill from us isn't the end of our relationship — it's only just the beginning. After all, you're going to need plenty of BBQ supplies to keep your grill clean and your meat tasty as you explore the wonderful world of grilling.

Posted by BBQ Island on 9/16/2016

At BBQ Island, we're more than just a barbecue grill store. We're also educators — teachers of the fine grilling arts. A big part of grilling is cooking the meat over an open flame, of course, but there's more to mouth-watering barbecue than just the heat. You also need to know how to season your meat properly.

Posted by BBQ Island on 9/9/2016

It goes without saying that here at BBQ Island, we love everything about BBQ grills. We love to sell grills, we love to cook on grills, and we even love to shop for grills! As the go-to store for all of your BBQ needs, it is our mission to make sure that we are stocked with the very best. From the beginning griller's first hibachi to the most advanced chef's exacting requirements, we carry it all. In the elite category of high-end grills, we are proud to offer our customers the best from Twin Eagles grills.

Posted by BBQ Island on 8/24/2016

If you learn one thing at a barbecue store, it's that everyone has a favorite grilling style. Whether you like to smoke ribs and other tender, slow-cooked delights or just want to sear a steak, there's a grill for that here at BBQ Island. Or if you're a budding gourmet who loves wood-fired, vegetarian pizzas, we've got a grill for that, too.

Posted by Dr. Grillinstein on 11/26/2011
Having seen a pig cooked in one of these, I decide to see if it was simple as it seemed. Spoiler alert, it was.

La Caja China Roasted Pig
Posted by Dr. Grillenstien on 10/12/2011
We received this awesome BBQ tool a few weeks ago, but it has been to hot for me to take it out for a test run. The weather has been a bit forgiving lately and is in the low 70's in the morning. I took advantage of this and smoked some sharp cheddar cheese with the A-Maze-N-Pellet-Smoker.


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